Llaves K.: Cycling Log

  • I cleaned my bike today- it was insanely dirty. Did this instead of a jog... but there is always tomorrow.

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  • Wow, this is all so fancy. I've been gone way too long! Trust me, my body was telling me so today... I bent over at the "office" (I put that in quotations now cause it's a lose interpretation since it's a metal shop with an unventilated room in a corner with some serious florescent lights- but at least I get to learn how to weld after 5 pm!) and my jeggings made a massive ripping noise in the buttocks region.

    Yes, you hear me right, on the first day back to the grind in the new year, I rip a giant hole in the ass of my pants. It was a very cold bike ride home.

    Once home, I strapped on the shoes and headed out for a 2 mile run that turned into me running about 1.5 and walking the remainder as my ankle was acting cranky.

    Now to do my knee push ups (only because my ankle hurts is why I am cheating) and situps to lull me to sleep.

    • Sassletic W. Thank god your back. Move that ass. 4 years ago
    • von Hottie v. I have holes in some of my pants too. It's ok. Also, jeggings! I have to see them. 4 years ago
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