Liz C.: Bringing Lunch to Work Log

  • Does decluttering count if it is recluttters something else? Like if I move clutter to a different spot? For example, I declutter the living room and foyer by gathering up about 10 pairs of shoes...but then just drop them in a heap in the bedroom?

    • von Hottie v. Oy. I feel you. Maybe you should just concentrate on completing one action. Like one pair of shoes goes in the closet, not pick up all pairs of shoes and then dump them. 3 years ago
    • Beth T. I always thought decluttering meant either finding something a permanent home or putting it in the goodwill pile *and* taking the pile to goodwill sometime. 3 years ago
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  • I hope cleaning the kitchen counts as decluttering...I did round up that dozen or so water glasses that were cluttering my bedside table and the coffee mugs that were gathered around the computer....and the tupperwares from my purses...that should count right?

    Yoga this morning was more stretching than a workout, but it was by the teacher I really like so she must have had a reason for such a laid back class. After it I ran 3 miles in 24.30 with some sprinting sessions, but I don't know how many meters...i'm not sure how to measure that.

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  • So boxing might actually get me through these thousands ... or most of them. I have limited interest in superheroes, so those will be a challenge for me. In class Thursday we did a push up challenge alternated with situps. My abs and arms were killing me at the time -- I could barely breathe. But the next day I feel fine.

    I tried to make up for my complete laziness on Wed. by running 5 miles after class.

    By time lunch rolled around I was starving and glad that I had leftover carmalized onion and tomato tart tatin. This is one my favorite meals and so easy to make -- if you have the ingredients on hand. It turns out beautifully -- a good dinner party food.

    Personal project is wedding planning. I realized I am behind on my timeline and sent myself into a full panic attack around 3 pm that didn't subside until after I gorged on sushi at 9 at which point all I wanted to do was go to sleep...and drink water.

    • jan65 h. that tart tatin sounds great, recipe please! 3 years ago
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      Liz C. Oh! Here:

      I carmalize a big batch of onions in the crockpot and then freeze them in little pint containers. So all I had to do was thaw them for this recipe -- making it super quick! (To carmalize onions in the crockpot just quarter about 10 onions, add half a stick of butter -- i knnoooow -- and cook on low for 24 hours) 3 years ago
    • jan65 h. thanks. I will bust out the crockpot this weekend. butter makes it all better :) 3 years ago
    • von Hottie v. hearted this 3 years ago
    • Craig B. bookmarked that recipe. It looks like a great way to use up all of those scrappy little cherry tomatoes that I'm so sick of picking 3 years ago
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