Plyometric Jumps: 1000 per Month

Whether it's stair-hopping, squatting, or bench or box jumps, doing 20 plyometric jumps per day will build bone density, muscle strength, and get your heartrate up. You know you want to jump, jump!

1000 Jumps
28 Days
Success Rate
  • This morning I was out early again and off to Exceed Physical Culture for a free class. It was interesting, similar to a personal training session just with a bunch of other people. We started with TRX (I miss that) and then we did things with bosu, medicine balls, kettlebells. It was really a lot in just 50 minutes. The entire class was Upper East Side ladies, head to toe in lululemon. I felt just a bit out of place. The gym is awesome, they have those lockers with combo locks built in (like soulcycle) and combs, shavers, tampons, ponytail holders, everything you might have forgotten, in the locker room. When you walk out of the class there is a guy standing there with fresh towels. The one thing I couldn't find anywhere was a water fountain. I guess UES ladies just buy a water bottle every time. Later I went for a short 2 mile run to try out my new sneakers. They're ok; the one thing I noticed is that my heel moves around a lot and I don't think I like that.

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