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July 1 - July 28, 2011
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    total body recall, Bicyleing, swimming at YMCA, walking all 5 to 6 days a week.

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    My Adventures in Guest Buffins: Wednesday

    Still hobbling from my the previous day's workout with Beast Buffin, I almost didn't make it to my aerial silks class at The Sky Box. There was no air conditioning, the silks were too stretchy and too sticky, I was sore, and everything was hard. I couldn't climb at all, and looked even more remedial at silks than I am. The teacher tied the silks in a knot and assigned me to hanging upside down in the hammock and practicing knee hooks. That's kid's stuff! I spent 15 minutes hanging upside down, stewing, my hard-won pride rushing along with the blood to my head. Then the teacher started talking about challenges and personal progress. She talked about how, often, we stick to doing what we are already good at, how we rarely push ourselves out of our comfort zone, and how that makes us plateau and prevents us from making any progress. How it's good to push yourself to a point where you are uncomfortable, even if it's for just a few minutes a day. How we should challenge ourselves, and if we fail, we should try again and again, because if we try enough times, eventually we will succeed, eventually we will break through the plateau. It's going to take a lot of being uncomfortable, but challenging ourselves to be uncomfortable is the only way we really progress. After the teacher said that, I decided the Universe had meant for me take that class and suck at that class just so I could hear those words. Basically, I thought I was paying $30 to get some silks instruction, but really I was paying to get my mind set right.

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    • jan65 h. cheaper than therapy :) 2 years ago
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    • von Hottie v. @jan - So true!!!! Buff body, nimble mind, open heart. 2 years ago
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    • Christine N. What is this sky box?? 2 years ago
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    • von Hottie v. Sky Box in Williamsburg, aka The House of Yes, run by a bunch of circus ladies. I've got a mad crush on them, but a lot of hipster ballerina types take class there and I start to feel super remedial. But the teachers are all really cool. ONly thing is there is no AC, it's super humid in the summer, and the silks are really stretchy. The shows they put on are rad. We should go to their monthly aerial variety show sometime. 2 years ago
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    My Adventures in Guest Buffins: Tuesday

    Last week, since both my aerial silks teacher and my trainer (codename: Buffin) were out of town, I took the opportunity to train with other gurus. Enter SoWo 1.0's resident badass and Quidditch master, Killercadoogan, who graciously offered to train me for a session to tide me over until Buffin returns. For the purposes of this story, I will hereafter refer to Kdoog as "Beast Buffin." Holy smokes. I've always had a healthy respect for the ambitious nature of Beast Buffin. We're talking about a guy who skipped marathons and went straight to running ultra-marathons, but now I humble myself before his badassness. I thought I had been trained before, but now I have been TRAINED. We started with a kettlebell session, where Beast Buffin showed me fancy full body situps (Turkish get-ups) that looked like choreography from Flashdance. After about an hour, he says he has something else to show me before we're done. I think I'm in for some reverse crunches or something. No. Beast Buffin pulls out a tug-of-war rope, lays it across the floor, lies down on the ground, holding onto one end, and tells me to pull him to me from across the room. The entire big boyz grunting section watched me pull BB across the room like we were an episode of Gladiators. I survived, and then BB told me to do it again. Twice. I figure after that, we MUST be done. That would be incorrect. Next he stands on a mat, tells me to grab his ankles, and push him across the room. At the end of the room, I have to go into a handstand, and then push him back across the room. We looked like an ant pushing a transformer. This time, I figure we ABSOLUTELY must be done. Again, incorrect. BB puts me on a stationery bike, and puts me through his signature cardio interval workout where I lift dumbbells while pedaling. It's the kind of thing that can be a workout on its own, but we did it at the end of all that other working out. I came home after the session, fell asleep over my lunch, and was sore for three days afterwards. Beast Buffin, we hereby award you a von Hottie Medal of Valor. Never has the von Hottness labored to get a man to cross a room to her and let him live to tell about it.

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    • Meret H. can't wait to have a session with beast buffin myself! 2 years ago
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    • Christine N. omg that sounds way too awesome. 2 years ago
    • Kdoog A. @Christine - if you ever want the same treatment just ask. 2 years ago
    • Christine N. I would love for you to figuratively kick my butt. 2 years ago
    • Kdoog A. What day and time this week or next works best for you? 2 years ago
    • Christine N. I'll msg you on FB so we can exchange info! 2 years ago
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