Social Workout 101

April 1 - April 28, 2012
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It's Over.
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    • puali'i r. hearted this 3 years ago
    • Mindy S. I loved this challenge. Having a semi new baby, not sleeping through the night, has made me into such a raging lunatic some days that I forget that I really do get pretty good sleep. Seeing it there in front of me takes all the fuel from the fire, and I realize that if there is a night where I get less than ideal the next night will make up for it. 3 years ago
    • Mindy S. hearted this 3 years ago
    • von Hottie v. Mindy, that's so great. Glad we could make a difference for you, and I hope you get more zzzzz's as your baby gets older xo 3 years ago
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