Super Bowl XLV Challenge

February 6 - February 6, 2011
This challenge is over

It's Over.
Challenge Snapshot
  • So sorry, vH, but I managed to drink my way through the entire stupor bowl and completely forgot about joining your challenge. Ugh.
    I did, however, go for a lovely hike earlier in the day. And I did eat some veggies from the tray. Too much food, though.

    • von Hottie v. Aww, I'm not offended. I let my friends hold their drinks while we did squats or they never would have participated. 4 years ago
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  • Attention Super Bowl Challengers! There were five eligible challengers who completed the infamous Super Bowl Challenge of 2011. They squatted as they cheered, wrestled rival fans, ate healthy snacks while doing pushups and did sit ups while their friends sat on the couch. Though their collective feats should not go unrecognized, only one challenger can be declared the champion. And so, by a random drawing of names, I congratulate Sila S. on becoming the winner of the Super Bowl Challenge 2011 and the recipient of an unbelievably soft organic cotton Social Workout t-shirt! Three cheers for Sila, and many congratulations to the other challengers, who boldly went where no sports fan has gone before.

    • Sila S. :-) Yayyyyy, I can't wipe the huge grin off of my face. I won my first ever Social Workout challenge!!!! Thank you thank u all! Thank you Laura for creating this Super Fun challenge. Thank you Tansel A. for pushing me to finish my pushups. And thank you random drawing(!) for drawing my name :)))) 4 years ago
    • Jen M. Why does it show me in 7th place? 4 years ago
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