December 1 - December 31, 2010
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It's Over.
Challenge Snapshot

    Dearest Yogis ! 2010 is now receding in the rear view mirror, and, before it disappears from sight behind a drift of snow, let us bask for a moment in the Holidayasana afterglow. Yes, it's time for our long-awaited virtual awards ceremony, wherein we recap the statistical highlights of our recent challenge, award phat prizes from our KIND sponsors, and announce, get this, that we're hosting an entirely non-virtual, complimentary yoga class/closing ceremony next week!

    That's right, should you like to match downward dog to avatar, we hope you'll join us at Virayoga — the studio with the best overall Holidayasana participation — next Tuesday evening in New York City. Led by Susanna Harwood Rubin, we'll do asanas together and reminisce. Full details below, and we hope you'll join!

    And now, a drum roll please....

    Holidayasna — our first ever multi-studio yoga challenge — was both a blast and statistically significant. As previously noted, 331 yogis joined the challenge, and we collectively logged 2,023 practices, 2,344 days without plastic bags, 3,329 super healthy green meals, and, perhaps most inspiring, 357 hours of volunteering. It was an awesome collective effort. Of course, some people deserve a bit more of the credit than others....

    Put your hands together, then, for the eight standout challengers who, despite massive holiday distractions, managed to nail 100% (or more) of all our goals. Shiva lives large in Angee, Dara, David, April, Lisa, Liz, maymay, and Melissa! The rest of us salute you, standing at attention in rock solid dancing warrior poses! We also salute the 18 challengers who achieved at least 90% of the goals. Social Workout and Danskin are very pleased to award brand new, high performance Danksin workout tops to all 26 of these leaders. (Should they so choose, the four MEN in our top 26 may substitute a generous supply of KIND Healthy Snack Bars for their Danksin top.)

    And, as for the studio team prizes: The first team award goes to the studio who rounded up the most members, and the winner is YogaWorks. A one month supply of siggi's amazing Icelandic style skyr will go to Krysia B., the top YogaWorks challenger.

    We are thrilled to award a three day juice cleanse from BluePrintCleanse to the top challenger on the team with the highest percent complete score. That team is Yoga Vida, and the lucky team member is Julia K. She'll have her choice of BPC's trademark Renovation, Foundation, or Excavation cleanses.

    And, so to will Lisa H., the high achiever at Virayoga which was the studio with the best overall performance, combining both size and completion percentage. Give it up for Vira and Lisa, who — let it be known — completed 100% of the challenge, and also crushed 100% of our Holidaysati challenge which was running simultaneously. Amazing!

    Social Workout extends its heartfelt congratulations and thanks to our leaders, our studios, and to everyone who participated. It was an honor to host the challenge, and we hope everyone's Decembers were just a little warmer and healthier. May we all go forth and practice more yoga, eat healthier, volunteer more often, and refrain as much as possible from using disposable plastic bags. In short, onward to new challenges!

    Oliver and the Social Workout Team

    Join Us at the Holidayasana Closing Class!

    WHAT: 90 Minute Anusara Class led by Susanna Harwood Rubin
    WHERE: Virayoga, 580 Broadway, #205
    WHEN: 7:30PM, Tuesday, January 18th
    HOW MUCH: FREE for all Holidayasana challengers

    Claim Your Prize!

    **All prize winners should send an email to publisher@socialworkout including your full name and shipping/mailing address.
    **The 26 DANSKIN top winners should also provide a size preference: S,M,L, or XL.
    **For our four top men, who might want an alternative to a women's DANSKIN top, you may choose to replace that with a generous two week supply of KIND Healthy Snack Bars!

    • maymay y. A great bow to your heart center to all the winners! All you yogis & yoginis deserve it!

      Thank you Oliver, looking forward to the danskin top, what a sweet reward! Looking forward to the next challenge! Luv, maymay 3 years ago
    • Christine N. whoo hooo 3 years ago
    • Christine N. Do we need to RSVP for the yoga class, and if so, how/where do we do that? 3 years ago
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      Liz C. Yay! Thanks for such a wonderful and inspiring challenge, Oliver! I loved the balance this challenge offered. 3 years ago
    • Oliver R. hearted this 3 years ago
    • Oliver R. bullplopped this 3 years ago
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    Write-in tip from a Holidayasana yogi: Yoga Journal podcasts. "They're short and free, and focused on individual sequences of poses, like hip openers, balance poses, etc." she says. "I like to mix and match them to create my own practice."


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