Tis the Season to Stick with It

December 2 - December 22, 2011
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It's Over.
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    • Tom S. Congrats Malissa!! 3 years ago
    • Sharon H. Malissa-so glad for you!! the pups are so cute! hope to see you in future challenges-HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!! 3 years ago
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      maggie c. A big congrads to you Malissa!! The challenge was so much fun and would really like to do something like it again. It inspired alot of people more than you know and brung some of my freinds closer to their families. And to all who did this challenge "GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!" 3 years ago
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    Last aerial silks class of 2011. I worked on battling my official nemesis of 2011: the Crossback Straddle. Guess who won that battle? Hint: it wasn't me. I guess I'll spend 2012 just like I spent 2011 - shaking my fist at that motherloving butt-over-head move. Then I worked on knee-hook climbs, invert crochet in the air and footlocks in the air. For my grand finale, I attempted one last crossback straddle. Foiled again!! Just you wait, my pretty. In 2012, the crossback straddle will be mine!

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    Last session with Buffin for 2011. Lots of chest presses, barbells, shoulder presses and core. For our grand finale, I deadlifted 135 lbs, which means when the zombie apocalypse comes, there's a whole new weight class of friends I can save. For the record, the man next to me was only pressing 88 lbs. Buffin told me I am one of the only girls who can "train with any serious weight at this gym." A serious compliment from my trainer is the best Christmas present of all. I started 2011 not being able to climb silks or lift heavy things or run at all, and now I'm going into 2012 as a total powerhouse, kicking *ss, taking names, and robbing banks with my core of steel.

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