Breakfast Club: Get in the Zone

October 10 - October 16, 2011
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It's Over.
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    My goal for December is to lose #5.... I am committed to sticking to my calorie allowance, and keeping within the boundaries of heathy choices--- I am determined to do Weight training 12-15 min on M/W/F and Toners 15-25 minutes T/TH/SAT Stretchig or yoga 12-16 min every day and cardio (my waterloo) 05-15 every day I will include walking, st bike, stepper alternating I will do Intervals as I am able. This is the re-beginning of a long road for me.
    Today is Friday-- I have done # training 15" using #5 R 12, S 1 and 11 minutes of stretching. I have still to do my cardio. I have done 16 minutes of housecleaning-- so far
    so far EXERCISING ---26 MINUTES + 16 cleaning

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